Monday, 25 April 2016

New budget model of my 3 String Bowed Lyre (2016)

Made from Spruce and pinewood,   incorporating some design elements from my Shetland Gue model to simplify the construction and keep the costs down.  Another light and resonant instrument

Comes with Beechwood Bow, tuning key, rosin and spare Horsehair.

Instruments available here:

Build your own: Lyre making DVD:

Download plans:

Just a very quick sound sample ( I am not a bowed instrument player,  this is just to give you an idea of how it sounds)  My 2016 model is made from all spruce and Pine with fruitwood pegs,   light and resonant,  this is my lowest price 3 string Bowed Lyre, available from etsy within 2-3 months from purchase,   I also make hardwood and softwood custom versions with Cases to order,   email mail through my website for further information.






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