Friday, 10 June 2011

Making a Welsh Crwth:

The next few months will be mainly focused on Welsh Crwths with a new model for me, the Heyward Crwth, lighter and smaller than the Evans model and very popular with the leading players like Cass Meurig and Bob Evans. For this year I will be making these in two section and joining them rather than hollowing it all from one plank

My working drawings are now also available if you wish to make your own Crwth or are interested in my work.
In the Download I have included the full size plans of my Crwth plus my notes for the Evans model too and some extras.
£10.00 (zipped file, requires winzip or 7-zip)
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More info can be found on my website at
In my next post I will start to work on the body, In the meantime something to wet your taste-buds: