Friday, 11 August 2017

Kravik Lyre demonstration and tuning with a guitar tuner.

Tuning the Kravik lyre to A C D E F G A Tuning at A440 pitch for playing with other instruments using a simple Snark Guitar tuner,  available on amazon and music shops.

Kravik Lyres come into their own when plucked,  here is a demonstration of the rich heartwarming sound these instruments can produce, contrasted with some brash strumming.

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7 String Practice/Viking Lyre

The practice/travel lyre is the most compact and light 7 string Lyre I make,  the difference between this and the Viking version which has a longer sound box in sound is like comparing a soprano ukulele to a tenor ukulele, more emphasis on the treble.   I can build this instrument with a red cedar soundboard to add more warmth if required.

Sound sample here:

Overview and demonstration:

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Made to order (usually 1-2 months ) aiming to build 4 or 5 a year of these budget models

21" long travel / practice budget lyre. 7 strings 
A c d e F g a tuning 
Reduced in size for compactness and strength 

Perfect travel or practice lyre with the same strings spacing and tuning as my Kraviklyra

Made of spruce and poplar with maple head, glued construction from separate pieces, not hollowed.
simple brown stain, oil-shellac finish light and resonant 

Zither pins and fluorocarbon strings. 

Comes with tuning key 

This is a spruce top and backed model.    other stain colours may be possible.

I can also do a natural cedar top and walnut version for £500 as a custom model

****Full size "viking" lyre available with 7 strings also (see drop down menu on etsy)
Same A C d e F g a tuning but longer 24" length and full sized soundboard. different wood options available through custom order

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