Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Welsh Crwth completed and on Youtube!!

This was the first of the Heyward model Crwth I have made and I am very happy with the smaller size and ease of playing, either with a strap or in the viola da gamba position, This one has Baroque Savarez gut strings.

Welsh Crwth Varnished and strung

This is my antique finished model showing the back of the pegbox and the initial first stringing, the strings
are fed through to the back.

In this picture I still have the test bridge, setting the height. after this was taken I removed the fingerboard to modify the angle to be more like the plans I drew, I was trying a higher action out and getting more forward tilt helped lower it while keeping the right pressure on the bridge.

Front view!

Welsh Crwth Continued

Sliding dovetails are used to connect the arms and neck, very tricky to line up but I have done it many times now enables me lots of room for adjustment. have connected the fingerboard temporarily with animal glue.

Here the top is re-attached using animal glue, not the use of wooden location pins
to ensure line up before final sanding.

after final sanding and scraping, I apply the undercoat of linseed oil(boiled) The picture is after several coats of linseed oil applied over a week.