Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Welsh Crwth completed and on Youtube!!

This was the first of the Heyward model Crwth I have made and I am very happy with the smaller size and ease of playing, either with a strap or in the viola da gamba position, This one has Baroque Savarez gut strings.


Unknown said...

I purchased your plans for the Crwth last September and just now getting around to try and build one. I'm using a solid block of Cypress and would like to know how thick the back and sound board should be. I have used the measurements from the Evans model.

James Crowder

Michael J King said...

The Evans model has a very thin back, if you read the mimf posting about the measurements you will see the back is 2mm and the top 4mm, I would make the back a little thicker 3.5 in the middle. it all depends on the stiffness of the chosen timber though as we are dealing with unbraced tops and backs