Monday, 6 October 2008

Béas Poem

My Step Mother was buried one year ago today, she died of a Brain Tumor.

Over Christmas Beatrice had spoken the poem to me over the phone so I could adjust it as my father had written it out and emailed it to me but I needed to hear her emphasis and delivery. I was going to to something with the poem, but wasn't sure what, maybe a video, but In the end It was a dramatic event at the end of January when Beatrice had been rushed into hospital and my dad (and I) too thought she was going to die, that gave the the reason to do it. I took a short dark blurry video my dad had taken and slowed down and reversed the footage so that as her poem was read it was like her spirit was retracing her steps to the sea, the music I chose by einaudi, Le onde, it was the piece that for me emotionally fitted the moment. I didn't find a way to resolve the video at the end, it ends ubruptly, before its time, like Béa.