Thursday, 24 November 2011

Making a Bowed Lyre

This instrument was updated a year ago and I made plans available,  these are some pictures of one made of English plantation grown Poplar wood.  Note I have borrowed the construction technique from the Nyckelharpa here!

Note in this picture the ledge for the soundboard and its slight arc,  this is mainly done by cutting out the wood either side of the centre section :

Here is the soundboard after its first "fit"  it is temporary glued with animal glue and then location pins drilled and it is carefully removed,  holes marked and then cut and a bass bar added:

To be continued.......

Plans available   Why not make your own!   instant download, This is my current design in pdf format plans with information and more. 
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Or Purchase the Lyre making CD-rom from the Lyre shop page and get the plans included on the disc!!