Monday, 25 June 2012

Half fretting the fingerboard for the ├ępinette des Vosges

Sorry it's been a while, it's been a busy time!
Plans are now available to purchase and download for this instrument either from my website or from the link at the bottom of this article,  please feel to post any questions regarding this instrument.

One distinguishing feature of  this ├ępinette is that it has half frets which can seem a difficult thing to do at first. Some makers cut the slot across all frets chromatically and simply install the fret on the ones required. This leaves fret slots to fill or left as they are but is acceptable.
For mine I take advantage of the thicker fingerboard and cut the half slots at an angle.

I then cut the fret with the tang cut off on one end only.
note that this is the reverse of what is usually done,  the cut tang is on the inside not outside.

Some titebond is placed in rhe skot and the fret is then hammered in.
The slots have to be cut deep so there will be slots to fill with rosewood sawdust or filler If you wanted to another way to you could use fingerboard bindings instead cutting the tangs off all the frets.

Plans to purchase

6 string epinette  New 2012 model,  
When you purchase the PDF Download plans you receive a set of folders conyaining my original ink plans alongside the new CAD plans and photos
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