Tuesday 12 December 2023

Staff Notation and Tab books for Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Dulcimer

Staff Notation/Tab books available from amazon direct links Appalachian Dulcimer: Mandolin: Classical Guitar: Ukulele: Stick Dulcimer: Author page for all my books:

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Daily Action List: free pdf guide available/discount on book offer

The Daily Action List book series

This is a planning system I have been using for some time, to-do list and schedule combination. Had this book printed for my use mostly, but others might find it useful as well, ;-)

Free PDF:

If you would like to read my short guide for free and see if its something that could work for you before purchasing go to my payhip download page here:

Book Offer on amazon:

pocket size 5x8" paperback as shown,  available until the end of the year at near cost price of £4.99/$5.99

6x9" paperback and Hardback editions are also available.

For other special ebook versions on Kindle, Kobo, Google books and Apple iBook see my linktree pages here:






The Daily Action List book series also now has a 100 day planner follow on book.


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Creative Commons music used for this video:

Audio recording of Adagio, BWV 974, transcribed by Johann Sebastian Bach from the 2nd movement of an oboe concerto by Alessandro Marcello, performed by Constantin Stephan.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Nostalgia: tune from 1983 in e minor by Michael J King

This tune is 40 years old this year, created in 1983, improvised and recorded on cassette a few months after learning to play the guitar at a club at school. My friend Roland played the chords on the original, and I did the melody. (it has a flavour of Nights in White Satin and House of the rising sun crossed with Spanish guitar music which says a lot about the music we were listening to) This is my solo version of the tune. Forgive my fingerpicking and timing, very rusty! The original version on cassette had sounds of the playground in the background and takes me back to that moment each time I listen or play this tune, a tune of sadness, friendship and nostalgia. I think we performed this once or twice at school and in a talent show as part of a group of tunes. This tune represents a time when I wasn’t enjoying school but learning the guitar meant Io could hide away in the Music room in between lessons and use the instruments and recording tools. I have played this tune by ear a few times a year when I pick up the guitar, although there have been years when I didn't play the guitar. Thanks across time and space to my music teacher, (Miss Thomas), Kelmscott high school and to Roland, the co-creator of course! Latest work at Instagram:

Sunday 24 September 2023

Inspirational Instruments: Making the Instruments of Wardruna with Don S...

Interview on the Nordic podcast with Instrument maker Don Shaw, 

See his instagram account here

many thanks for the shout out at 7.40 minutes!  

The Lyre CD mentioned by Don is still available as a Download 

and will be in Book form shortly, mote details soon.

Wednesday 2 August 2023

Anglo-Saxon/Trossingen Lyre Lesson - Brian Borus March

Norþhærpe - How To Play Anglo-Saxon, Viking & Germanic Lyres + 80 Tunes 

This tune is from a book of tunes by Paul Wilding for 6 and 7 string lyres,  Its the only tune book I know of and can recommend to lyre players.  The book includes sheet music and tab. 
The Tab is different to what I use on lyres, Paul uses a type the numbers reversed like a harp (and like the Kantele tab I use) An easy task to read, or write out again as you learn tunes.   

Monday 24 July 2023

Making a Lyre bag: Part 2 by Michael J King

Lyre bag made from sheepskin for Sutton Hoo lyre replica There will be a full write up or my blog and the upcoming Lyre making book. Message me if you are interested. Just a quick walkthrough here. I spent most of the time stitching and shearing the skin card template used for the flap section that was sewn on. Scissors and Dog Hair Clippers used to reduce the sheepskin depth in places. Staghorn toggle as a fastener, leather woven cord. Sheepskins sewn with saddle stitching.

A Melody for Sennen Cove