Thursday, 30 November 2017

Oatmeal/Porridge, easy no-Cook, no-mess method (Vegan/Dairy-free)

Oats and Banana Breakfast, Vegan, Dairy free and Low GI

I have used this recipe with unlimited variation, using seasonal fruit and different nuts, seeds and natural extras for the last 10 years.

With each item we add to this recipe we are adding more nutrition and variability to our diet and health.

This is a breakfast that is low Glycemic index and will keep you filled all morning without hunger pangs. but it isn’t as super sweet as commercial breakfast cereals, The fruit and banana provide the sweetness. When you pour on boiling water to oats you get a creaminess.
But if you really need it sweeter then try chopped dates. These are really sweet but not Low GI.
if you use them to combine them with some pecan nuts in this mix as they are a great combination.

Another option is to add a spoon of maple syrup
My suggestion is to try to adapt to lees added sugar as there are many benefits to health.

Ingredient list

OATS: ½ cup of steel cut /rolled oats. I use Scots or Irish grown oats.
Dried fruit: raisins, sultanas, Currents are a good choice as they have a lower GI
Nuts and seeds: alternate the mix, Pumpkin, Sunflower, sesame, pecan, hazelnut, walnut for example
Banana: choose semi-ripe for lower GI and sustained release, this is chopped to provide sweetness.
Linseed or Chia seed: These are best milled and ground to be easily absorbed, either purchased ready milled or use a coffee grinder
Blueberries: My favorite fruit topping.

Cinnamon: A teaspoon on top adds a nice warmth to the breakfast. There are many benefits fo adding cinnamon to your diet

How to make

This method does not create extra washing up, you don't have to watch it, just fill the kettle up and switch it on, pour in the dry ingredients, add a chopped semi-ripe banana and pour on the boiling water and cover with a plate or bow,

This method slow cooks itself,

just leave for 10-15 minutes.

Good time to:
• Do some Yoga
• Fitness routine,
Read a book
Add blueberries and cinnamon or some other topping if desired,

Avoiding Microwave cookers that make food less nutritional, Stove top cooking that requires watching and washing up.

Extras/alternatives you can add:

Apple: sliced and cooked with the oats instead of Banana

Coconut: Dried or fresh coconut.
Maca: Powders root
Cocoa nibs:
Chia seed
Extra plant Protein: If you are using this as a post-workout breakfast then you can add extra protein in the form of Almond powder, hemp protein or extra nuts
Nuts: Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts,
Goji Berries:

Seasonal fruits, raspberries, Redcurrents, mulberries,

Experiment, keep things varied and enjoy
Best wishes

Michael J King