Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moving workshop

Just a quick update,  my workshop is moving to Warwickshire,  I will be unable to process orders that require posting until after the 12th February,  downloads unaffected.
 (download versions of my lyre Cd and the Kantele cd are available if you need these and don't want to wait)

The new workshop is a little more spacious and will be a more productive environment,   Looking forward to getting back to work, lots of exciting projects this year! 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Starting to play Stick Dulcimer, useful links.

Tuning your instrument:

Simple video of notes to tune to, Dad tuning:  

Playing and learning tunes, good channel with tab/music

Songbook for the Stick Dulcimer, available to purchase:

Strumstick Songbook (download free) 

Remember you can play any music written for the standard Appalachian Dulcimer too just by re-writing out the tab upside down.   

Hope that helps,   I do have a few more  tutorials of my own on my Youtube channel

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Stick Dulcimer Making Course DVD box set available

My Stick Dulcimer DVD 3 disc set of the YouTube series is now available from my Stick Dulcimer shop page on my website  PAL or NTSC regions available:

Original series is here
Disc set of the Youtube series is for offline reference but comes with a download of the Stick Dulcimer plans

dvd set
Stick Dulcimer making Course 3 Disc box set (youtube course)
NTSC or PAL available

This reference DVD edition 

Free digital copy of the plans comes separately by a link with this item


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