Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Welsh Crwth

My first instruments of the newer Crwth model are to be made in two halves rather than cut from the solid, This allows the adjustment in angle and fit and lets me use my very best figured maple for the soundbox rather than plain wood.
So far this instrument feels like it will be very comfortable in the hand as its slightly smaller size is ideal for playing in the chest/fiddle position

To join the two pieces I am still using the sliding dovetail joints I used on my other crwths and some of my Bowed Lyres.

This video shows the sliding fit:

My working drawings are now also available if you wish to make your own Crwth or are interested in my work.
In the Download I have included the full size plans of my Crwth plus my notes for the Evans model too and some extras.
£10.00 (zipped file, requires winzip or 7-zip)
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