Friday, 4 September 2015

5 String Kantele with Bronze Strings, compared with Steel

Bronze and Brass Stringed Kanteles was the material used before Steel took over in the 19th century following the availability of Steel wire for pianos and other musical instruments.

For more on Brass and Bronze stringed Kanteles Arja Kastinen has written and recorded a video of her experiments with different strings and recorded a bronze strung 5 string replica by Rauno Nieminen on her Album Vaskikantele 1833 (available as a download on itunes and amazon or as a CD from Arja's site here:

Bronze or Steel Strung  Available for sale here:

How to play Kantele series:

5 String Kanteles are a very easy first instrument to make,  you can find my plans on CD and Download and lots more information on my website:





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