Friday, 20 March 2020

Runosong melodies on a 5 string kantele video by Arja Kastinen

I just had to share this is a video from Arja Kastinen on the 5 String Kantele with Bronze strings in A tuning.  Do check out her classic kantele album on the 1833 Bronze kantele on her website

She writes in her video notes:

"Four runosong melodies with variations played on a 5-string kantele. The kantele is a replica made by Rauno Nieminen. It has bronze strings. The original was made by the famous runosinger Ontrei Malinen in 1833 in Vuonninen, Viena Karelia. The kantele is tuned according to harmonics, and thus it's not in Equal Temperament.

You can find old runosongmelodies online at: - "Haku" - "tarkennettu haku" - "kokoelmat". And when you scroll down from the "kokoelmat", you can find two collections of runosongs: "Runosävelmät I" and "Runosävelmät II". The four runosong melodies that are played on this video were collected by Axel August Borenius in 1877 and in 1879 in Ilomantsi, Leppävirta and Kivijärvi (Hiitola). You can transpose the melodies and you should also variate them; only one or two basic phrases are written down."

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