Monday, 24 June 2013

Making an Electric Ukulele part 1

The plans for my Teardrop Electric Ukulele are available from plans page on my website at

The plans have already notes included with them, these blog posts add to them by illustrating some steps of the process.  Please add comments to this blog if you have any questions.

For the body of this instrument I used several pieces of ash wood glued up to make up the 23cm by 30cm by 4cm thick.

You can buy lightweight swamp ash from electric guitar/luthier supplies, or select home grown ash wood. Other timbers for natural body that look great are cherry, walnut. For painted bodies Alder is the traditional material.

Mark out the shape using a template traces from the plans and then I band-sawed the shape out and used the disc sander to smooth any irregularities

The edge is rounded with a router and templates are used to do the pickup and control cavity. Note that I used a Forster bit and a drill press to remove the waste.

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