Friday, 23 December 2011

Stick Dulcimer making DVD serialised

 video series2 hour version!
I have now serialised the whole of the Stick Dulcimer DVD-ROM on my Blog, please subscribe to be updated and notified when new posts are released. The blog has all the notes about the videos in an accessible chronological format and can be searched as well. The plans are still available as a download as is the DVD complete version and I still have some spare brass tailpieces available.
The full series of 28 episodes(over 5 hours of video) is still available to view on youtube, this edited version was previously only on the DVD gives an overview to the process.( thanks to my Son Stephen for sorting through the 5 hours of video to edit this down!)

Plans are available to purchase and download here: (direct link!)

Full DVD-rom of the series including the plans can be ordered for reference

PDF playing guide:

New Stick Dulcimer Forum!!

I still make a small number of these instruments for sale each year, please message me for details or go to my website!h

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