Monday, 19 December 2011

The Neck
This is the "stick" part of the instrument and is the part your hands will be in contact with as you play, its also very personal in the way you shape it and crucial to get as accurate as you can.

The plans show a dovetail join and allude to the one piece neck/block) so I have focused on making that clearer in the video. The dovetail method is more tricky and I stopped using it about 3 years ago in favour of this method shown.

re:Neck Angle,  this is something that video 5.4 looks into but what we are trying to do is tilt the neck back a few degrees so that the bridge can be a little higher,  this has an effect of giving a little more volume when strummed,  My hesitation though is that it is fiddly and you may prefer to make the neck straight as do most Stick Dulcimer builders!!  

Please note that I have had to work with no dust extraction on in order to film, plus I have had to remove clamps to get a clear shot as well as raise the bandsaw blade higher. I also don't recommend working with a camera between you and your work!! It takes 10 times longer!

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