Monday, 19 December 2011

The Back
Before we go ahead and assemble the instrument we just need to put together the back of the instrument. I have chosen to bookmatch a piece of cherry to match the ribs.

One note about the sellotape method during glue up, I inverted the process normally used because the wood was shaped, Ideally the wood would be square and the tape is applied on the topwith the wood held in a "V" shape and sprung down, This is very effective when the wood is acurately planed/sanded. I did need to crampe the small end of the back a little which I couldnt clearly show.

The brace I used is fractionally curved along its base, this helps the instrument stay flat after assembly, though with such a narrow size the effect may be negligible anyhow. I chose australian Camphor wood for the brace, just for the smell, it repells moths too though!!

There are videos on Youtube showing how to make and use shooting boards as well as edge jointing, I tried to keep things simple in this video, though I have done this many times before its easy for me to skip ahead, so please let me know if there is anything I need to clarify.

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