Saturday, 17 December 2011

(These need to be purchased and taken from the disc or downloaded) 

Plans available here

Stick Dulcimer Plans

These are my workshop drawings,  taken from my own templates,

To print out your own copy of the plans You will need to use Tracing paper, preferably A4 size, but there is plenty of overlap with the PDF files so standard Letter paper(USA) should also work fine. You can use normal white paper but you will need to use a light box (or very carefully holding the sheets together against a sunlit window) to join them.

The clear kind of sellotape(3M magic tape) that doesn't yellow is best for joining the pieces of paper.

Using at least adobe reader 8 (available for free download for all Computer types)
print the sheets off at 100% or 1:1 size, with the settings on text/graphics mode.
Some better/high end printers might need to be set at a lower resolution to get a clear print out.

How to do it:
If your using the latest version of adobe reader the settings are not too difficult,

In adobe reader:
press print,

then on the section called "page handling"  under "page scaling" select "None"

Print off one page, 1-1 to test resolution and scale.

If the print outs are too small/large you can adjust the scale settings in adobe, or as a last resort  take the print out to a photocopy shop to rescale.
The squares are all 1cm/10mm.

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