Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Trimming can be done with a sharp knife and sand paper and left with the top and back flush with no powertools used,  As I wanted to bind this one I have used the routing table so that you can see the next step. I will be keeping it simple though, The last one I did of these had purflings as well, which is a lot of extra work on such a small instrument and looks a little over busy to me.

WARNING Loud machine noise please watch the volume levels!!!

The instrument is coming along nicely now, its amazing how it can go from looking quite rough and unformed to having a charactor of its own, it feels like one of my stick dulcimers already.

equipment note: My router table is a very basic cheap one purchased from ebay , the router an old Red Devil 1/4" /6mm 550 watt model. If you were buying a router an 850watt or higher would be recommended(the higher the better) I am happy with this for these small routing jobs though.

The stepped router bits are available as sets from stewmac in the states, though for this one I mixed and matched a set of router bits to get the bearing guide size I needed.

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