Saturday, 30 September 2017

Anglo Saxon Lyre kits available to order


Just an update to say I have Anglo Saxon Lyre kits available to order once again,

These are easier to assemble now, with the soundboard sanded to thickness and cut to shape. Only gluing, sanding, varnishing and stringing up to do.

The standard kit has Fluorocarbon Strings and Zither pins for easy fitting

with options to upgrade to tapered harp pins or Wooden Pegs in the Sutton Hoo Style

Gut strings also if preferred.

The kits will each be prepared to order, (will usually be around 5-6 weeks to delivery)

Putting together one of these will be great introduction to making Anglo Saxon Lyres, giving you a Sutton hoo form instrument in a very quick time with plenty of scope for customisation,

kits included pre-routed and drilled bodies with the soundboard rebate, the soundboard sanded and shaped, animal Glue, strings pegs, key and tailpiece.

Notes will accompany the kit,  (videos already online) 

A copy of the latest Lyre making DVD will be included. 

Let me know if you have any questions 

best wishes

Michael J King

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