Friday, 1 April 2016

Lyre Making 2016 video guides

A few weeks ago I launched the 2016 Lyre DVD-ROM Disc and now the Download version too,
Plans include: Sutton Hoo, Snape, Morning Thorpe, Prittlewell, Bergh Apton, Cologne, Trossingen, Oberflacht(2 Models), Kravik lyre and the Irish Wire strung Lyre (G and D) along with the Bowed lyre plans including 2 string Jouhikkos, two Welsh Crwth plans and the Shetland Gue.

 The disc now has Offline videos for reference as well as lots of hidden bonus reference material to discover.

For getting started I have created three quick video tutorials covering Windows 10, Linux and Mac OS

 Windows 10:


Mac OS  (Download edition shown)


If you already purchased the Lyre making 2015 edition I have a free download available, if you have the 2014 or earlier edition private message me for a discount.

 Let me know if you have any questions,

 Best wishes

Michael J king


discs, or USB Flash Drive here:

More info see website

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