Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Irish/Scottish Wire Strung Lyre by Michael J king

Lyres have been played in the British Isles for Thousands of years, the recent find of a Lyre bridge in Scotland being a Testament to that This.
For this example in the video I have used a Sutton Hoo as a generic form and have added Simon Chadwick's Wire Strung Lyre strings,  These use a combination of Silver strings with Brass and Iron which sounds very rich when plucked or strummed.

I have added Brass decorative mounts that are inspired by Anglo Saxon/Viking "Celtic" knotwork patterns,  These work well for the time period.

Lyrebrass and bone

Made of maple with Brass mounts and bone and garnet decoration, Metal Harp pins Supplied with a hard case, spare strings and tuning key. Key of D (diatonic or Pentatonic)

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