Thursday, 13 September 2012

Cutting List for Stick Dulcimer making course!

One element that was missing from my original Stick Dulcimer DVD was a cutting list,   It is of course possible to work out what sizes you need from the plans and I had left that out.   Here is a general guide for future reference, These are the finished sizes so please allow for final sanding or planing by adding a little to the length,  

Neck: Gdg  492mm Long 26mm-28mm thick and 32 depth
          Dad  560mm Long 26mm-28mm thick and 32 depth
Body sides 410 Long by 28mm wide and 1.5/1.8mm thick  (X 2)
Front and back:  350 long by 135mm wide and 3mm thick
Fingerboard: Gdg  382mm  by 26/28mm by 5.5mm
                    Dad   430mm by 26/28mm by 5.5mm
Please note,  you can make the neck of of several pieces to build up the heel and head,  you can also utilise scraps from a guitar and join up several pieces for the backs.

more information on timber and materials is here:

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